Respecting Sabrina’s Privacy

Sabrina Carpenter Online ( is all about respecting Sabrina Carpenter as an actor, singer-songwriter, musician and person. This website does not support gossip journalism, paparazzi photography, or anything else that might be harmful to Sabrina. As a fansite that focuses on providing updates on Sabrina’s professional career, you will not find anything that invades his personal life or privacy.


No candid / paparazzi photos of Sabrina walking down the street, visiting a local shop/restaurant, on vacation, spending time with friends or family, etc. will not be posted on this website or in the gallery.

The only photos taken by paparazzi that are displayed on this website are from event arrivals/departures – around the event venue/location. The only reason these photos are allowed are because Sabrina is expected to be at the event and she, herself is expecting to be on camera. If at any time Sabrina looks uncomfortable in the photos, they will not be posted on this website.


As for the subject of Gossip/etc, you will not see anything that would be posted in a ‘tabloid’ or on a ‘gossip’ site. If a project or personal life update posted, it has already been released or mentioned by Sabrina herself or his team (via social media), or from a trusted, verified source.

Anything that is found to be false, intrusive or disrespectful (parts of interviews, rumored news, etc.) is never intended to be posted on Sabrina Carpenter Online.

Personal Life Updates

Along with gossip and rumors, anything to do with Sabrina’s personal life (along with family and friends) will not be shared – unless already posted by Sabrina on her verified social media accounts.


From time to time, as a noticed and supported fansite, Sabrina Carpenter Online may get some exclusive content (photos, news, etc.) before public release. These are only posted when they come from reliable sources – including Sabrina’s team, companies she has worked with, etc.

As a fansite that collects public information about Sabrina Carpenter, sources and credits are given when possible.