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Welcome to Sabrina Carpenter Online - the most up to date source for everything Sabrina Carpenter! You may know her as Maya Hart from "Girl Meets World" or her most recent album, Emails I Can't Send featuring her hit song, "Nonsense". Here you will find the latest news, photos and media, Make sure to check back often for more updates.

Giveaway Details

Definition of a giveaway: a thing/product that is given free, often for promotional purposes (google)
Sponsor = You, the company, the brand.
SCO = the admin(s) of Sabrina Carpenter Online

When partnering with Sabrina Carpenter Online (SCO) for a giveaway, there are many options and ways to execute it.
We can work together, where we split the tasks or you (the sponsor) can handle everything and SCO just posts the details. Below is a list of details for each option.

Option 1: Work Together

  • Sponsor provides details to SCO
  • SCO makes post (on website + twitter/x)
  • SCO collect the entries (via form)
  • SCO picks a winner (via random generator/picker)
  • SCO make announcement (in website post & on twitter/x)
  • SCO will contact winner for shipping information
  • Sponsor ships reward/product to winner

Option 2: Sponsor Handles All

  • Sponsor provides details
  • SCO makes post (on website + twitter/x)
  • Sponsor collects entries
  • Sponsor picks winner
  • Sponsor will contact winner for shipping information
  • SCO announces winner (in website post twitter)
  • Sponsor ships reward/product to winner
 If you feel that neither of these options fit your needs, please select “other” in the Giveaway Options section on the form and provide the details of the tasks and who should handle them.



All participants must follow the first 2 steps listed. Then, the you may add your own.
If you do not with to add your own, you can use our default rules (#3-7)

  1. Participants must follow our Twitter/X (@SCarpenterCom)
  2. Participants must RT original giveaway tweet

[Add your own here or use our default rules below]

  1. Must fill out entry form: sabrina-carpenter.com/enter
  2. The winner will be picked randomly by a generator the day after the entry period ends
  3. The winner will be contacted by email on the day they are picked.
  4. The winner has 24 hours after being contacted *(and the public announcement has been made)* to reply to our email and claim their prize
  5. If the winner does not reply within the time frame, another contestant will be chosen.

*Rules 4-7 will be repeated until the prize has been claimed



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*will always be on the form

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