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You Want Me Now? (2023)

with Girl in Red

Single  |  Pop  |  3 mins 07 secs  |  22 March 2024You Need Me Now? is a collaboration (song) between Girl In Red and Sabrina. The song was released on March 22, 2024 through Columbia Records. The song is featured on Girl In Red’s album, I’m Doing It Again Baby!. When asked about the song and working with Sabrina Carpenter, she said:

It’s not linked to my girlfriend and I actually ending up together, but it’s a song about a person taking you for granted for a very long time and then dumping you, and then basically coming back when they realised, ‘Holy shit, wait, actually maybe this wasn’t that bad’. A lot of people tend to think the grass is greener on the other side, but I saw this Facebook post from some old lady saying, ‘No, the grass is greener where you water it’. I think there’s some truth in that. This song is also about standing up for myself and staying, ‘No, I won’t have your bullshit anymore and I’m not going to let you come back and walk in like nothing ever happened because you ruined me’. It’s got an empowering vibe to it. [It’s] even more fun with Sabrina because, even though she’s singing from the me perspective, she’s also the friend that really agrees with you, like, ‘No, they’re bad for you. Don’t take them back’.

When I was writing this song, I knew Sabrina’s voice would be a great instrument to add. She’s an amazingly talented singer and writer. We wrote some stuff back and forth on FaceTime, and then she recorded it in the studio and immediately slammed it out – it was so good! It’s a fun feature because it’s unexpected from both our sides. Sabrina’s more in the American pop queen world, whereas I’m in a different indie realm. I love doing stuff that’s a bit weird and electronic.


Type: Single (Song)
Label: Columbia Records, Sony Music, World In Red
Writer(s): Sabrina Carpenter, ​girl in red & Matias Téllez.
Producer(s): Matias Téllez & ​girl in red
Release Date: 22 March 2024


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