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Welcome to Sabrina Carpenter Online - the most up to date source for everything Sabrina Carpenter! You may know her as Maya Hart from "Girl Meets World" or her most recent album, Emails I Can't Send featuring her hit song, "Nonsense". Here you will find the latest news, photos and media, Make sure to check back often for more updates.

Welcome Back (2.0)

Welcome back to Sabrina Carpenter Online! As you may remember, the site was up for sale in late 2022. The site was adopted by the current owner not took long after the announcement, but unfortunately, some issues came to light and the site was not able to re-open. Here we are a year later with all of the issues fixed and the ability to continue the site.


Fun fact!: Did you know the current owner (Maddie) actually owned this site back when it was sabrina-carpenter.com in 2015-2017? I am so glad to be back!

New Theme Design

Sabrina Carpenter Online has a new site and gallery theme by KaciElizabeth, I am in love with them, it’s from an oldish photoshoot as Sabrina hasn’t really done any good ones lately!

New Site Design

As you may have seen we have a fantastic new theme by MauuZeta.Com. I was waiting for a new shoot and just had to have one on the new shoot!

Happy Birthday!

It’s Sabrina’s birthday! The star turns 22 today, so a happy birthday from the Sabrina Carpenter Online team!

Welcome Back

Welcome to Sabrina Carpenter Online, I am excited to finally launch the site (I had a site on her a while ago; sabrinacarpenter.net/org), I have been working so hard on it, there is still a lot of screencaptures to add but wanted to get it open! We aim to bring the latest news, images and more, please consider donating as it will help our site show and please visit us again!

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Lyrics Center

A new section has been added to Sabrina Carpenter Source! The Lyrics Center is where you can find your (and all) favorite song by Sabrina and learn the lyrics or even sing along.

Visit the Lyrics Center

ps. Thank you to Broken Rose Designs for making the theme and adding a special HTML feature.