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Sabrina Carpenter Mourns The Loss Of Her Grandmother: ‘I Really Miss My Biggest Fan’

Sabrina Carpenter is mourning the loss of her beloved grandmother.

The “Fast Times” singer, 22, shared a sweet tribute on Instagram Thursday in honor of her late grandma Marilyn Cartwright, saying she was “very grateful” to have been able to hold her hand “one last time.”

“I couldn’t have dreamt up a better grandma than you. You were always so interested in the details that most people look right past, you made every person you spoke to feel so individually important,” Carpenter wrote. “You gave me so much authentic genuine love for so much of my life and I will never take that for granted. I really miss my biggest fan.”

Carpenter noted that she hoped “they have ping pong and understand your sarcasm up there,” and concluded: “Nothing is or will ever be the same without you here.”

The Girl Meets World actress posted a carousel of photos combining both recent shots of her and Cartwright as well as throwbacks of her grandmother as a young woman, including what appears to be her wedding day and a snap of her wearing a shirt baring the famous “Lady Marmalade” lyrics, “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?”

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Sabrina Carpenter On Her Unexpected New Single Fast Times And Upcoming Fifth Album: “I Want To Love My Life And Not Waste Anymore Time”

Sabrina Carpenter has the need for speed on Fast Times, her unexpectedly genre-fluid new single, which kicks off her 2022 with a bang.

The lead-in to her upcoming fifth studio album (and first since signing to Island records in the US and Polydor in the UK), Sabrina hits the high-way on a track inspired by the likes of Fiona Apple and Lana Del Rey, all about throwing caution to the wind and barreling through the prospective stages in a relationship.

Fast Times follows on from a very busy 2021 for Sabrina – at the start of the year the headline-grabbing Skin became her first-ever UK Top 40 chart entry, as well as one of our very favourite singles of the year to boot.

We hopped on Zoom to chat to Sabrina about her new single, working with her songwriting mother and father Julia Michaels and JP Saxe, as well as everything fans can expect from her new album…

Hi Sabrina! A lot of people have been anticipating new music from you – what made Fast Times the ideal follow-up to Skinny Dipping and Skin?

I think it was truly the fact that this song felt a little unexpected. [It] just filled a space where I hadn’t heard me making something like that, or really anyone else around me. I really wanted a moment where I could just enjoy life, I couldn’t stop writing sad songs! So when I wrote Fast Times, I wanted to jump off a bridge. I wouldn’t recommend it, but do you know what I mean? I just want to live. I just want to love my life, and I don’t want to waste any more time.

The sonic references you’re pulling for the song are really interesting. We can hear, in the beginning at least, a bit of Tidal-era Fiona Apple…

You’re actually not the first person to say Fiona Apple, which is really cool. I’m such a huge fan.

It’s a real change-up from your previous material too. How did you pivot?

I did make a little transition in the pandemic – I signed to [my new label] Island [Sabrina is signed to Polydor in the UK]. And there was no question that I wanted to make music inspired by the stuff I grew up listening to; which is basically all organic instruments. Like, I love the new Silk Sonic album because it reminds me so much of that.

I’m really lucky that I have the creative freedom and control to be able to [pivot sound-wise]. I always want to experiment. I follow the sounds that excite me.

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Sabrina Carpenter Scheduled For Interview On January 4 “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”

Sabrina Carpenter, who performed on a fall 2021 edition of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” will return for an early 2022 broadcast.

According to NBC, Carpenter will be an interview guest on the January 4, 2022 “Fallon.” The episode will also feature a chat with “This Is Us” star Milo Ventimiglia and a performance by Yola.

Currently airing re-runs due to its holiday hiatus, “Fallon” will be back with originals on January 3. Complete listings follow:

Tuesday, December 28: Guests include Will Smith, Jack Whitehall and musical guest Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats. OAD 11/9/2021

Wednesday, December 29: Guests include Ariana Grande, Adrien Brody and musical guest Blxst ft. TY Dolla $ign. OAD 11/4/2021

Thursday, December 30: Guests include Pete Davidson and Miley Cyrus, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and musical guest Miley Cyrus. OAD 12/9/2021

Friday, December 31: Guests include Will Ferrell & Paul Rudd, Sebastian Maniscalco and musical guest Jenny Lewis. OAD 11/25/2021

Monday, January 3: Guests include Anthony Anderson, Adam Devine and musical guest Carly Pearce. Show #1575

Tuesday, January 4: Guests include Milo Ventimiglia, Sabrina Carpenter and musical guest Yola. Show #1576.

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Sabrina Carpenter On Statement Coats And Getting Dressed Up To Go Grocery Shopping

“I spend most of my time and life at the studio. If I’m not on set, I’ll be writing.” Sabrina Carpenter says with a smile. “The funny thing about being in the studio is that I will take these shoes off. I will take this jacket off, and it will probably just be me in a T-shirt and jeans, so I can be comfortable and write some songs.” The 22-year old singer-actor is taking Vogue through a week in her wardrobe at the Freehand Hotel in New York City, which runs the gamut from oversized, thrifted vintage T-shirts, and worn-in denim (comfortable enough for studio visits). There is also statement-making outerwear, mini dresses for parties, and leather pants for date night—“I guess if I’m going on a date with you in leather pants, I’m already in love with you,” Carpenter quips.

Carpenter’s wardrobe features a range of different styles and she approaches getting dressed with a similar eclectic methodology—injecting equal parts playfulness and ease into each outfit. For Carpenter, it’s all about balancing a wardrobe basic with an eye-catching element. “A huge part of my everyday style is taking a cool statement piece jacket and throwing it over [a slip dress].” She’s loved turtlenecks since she was 15, lives “and sleeps and breathes” in band tees, and appreciated the power of laying. In her wardrobe, you’ll also find a sleek skirt set—elegant enough for events—that, according to Carpenter, can moonlight as an errands outfit. “Honestly, I’d wear this to Whole Foods,” she laughs. “I feel like I’d make a friend in this in the produce aisle.”

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Sabrina Carpenter Writes Her Next Chapter: ‘I Feel A New Sense Of Freedom’

A couple of years ago, Sabrina Carpenter would tell people that she wanted to experience heartbreak. It was in jest, mostly — but also it wasn’t. As a young singer-songwriter, Carpenter desired the artistic clarity of emotional pain.

“To my friends, I was always like, ‘I just want to know what Adele’s feeling,’” Carpenter tells Billboard in between bites of ravioli during a breezy early-fall afternoon in lower Manhattan. “Like, how she made these gut-wrenching records. And I [just became] so fascinated with that… like, ‘Damn, I just need some of whatever Adele was drinking!’”

She pauses. “And… then I got it.” Carpenter takes a hard swallow and adopts a careful-what-you-wish-for grimace, the lightness of her conversation dropping away for a few seconds before quickly coming back. “It was super-eye-opening, and I am grateful for it all,” she recovers. “But it’s still tricky to navigate.”

At 22, Carpenter has already experienced more of life than most artists her age, as a particularly prolific dual-threat former child star. The Lehigh Valley, Penn. native had finalized a label deal with Disney Music Group’s Hollywood Records at the age of 14 as a home for her family-friendly pop; in the same year, she signed on to co-star in the Disney Channel series Girl Meets World, a job that lasted over 70 episodes.

Her warm on-camera presence drew the attention of young viewers, while her breathy, agreeable songs drew millions of streams and cracked Billboard‘s Pop Songs chart on four occasions. Before hitting the legal drinking age, Carpenter had already appeared in over a dozen movies and TV shows, and released four full albums. When the volume of that work is brought up, Carpenter exhales slowly, sets down her mocha latte, and nods.

The gap between Carpenter’s 2019 album Singular: Act II and her in-the-works next album is already the longest of her career, and even if the upcoming project (release date TBD) hadn’t been informed by a breakup, Carpenter believes it would have still been markedly different than her previous output. For one, she has new collaborators — Julia Michaels and JP Saxe, the “If The World Was Ending” duet stars and real-life couple that Carpenter says have worked on “more than half the record” with her. That record will also be her first on her new label home of Island Records, which finalized a deal with Carpenter in January, and was created primarily in New York City, where she’s stayed most of 2021 after spending years on the opposite coast.

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Sabrina Carpenter Dishes On Therapy, New Music And Walking The Savage x Fenty Runway

“I can confirm breathing the same air as (Rihanna) gives you more confidence”

Sabrina Carpenter has had a wild year.

From her first runway walk at Rihanna’s ‘Savage x Fenty’ show to new music ‘Skinny Dipping‘, Sabrina gave Smallzy the scoop on her year of growth and how she’s using therapy to help her music and mind space.

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