June 26th, 2021
 ♡So, Joshua Got Honest About How He & Sabrina Carpenter First Met

I don’t know about you, but I’m always curious about how celebs meet, and not even in a romantic context. Just, like, in general. In what setting, exactly, did A$AP Rocky first sweep RiRi off her feet? And when and where did BFFs Selena and T-Swift cross paths for the very first time? Some of us are noisier than others, but if you’re like moi, you’ll be thrilled to know how Disney stars Joshua Bassett and Sabrina Carpenter met. Hint: DMs were involved.

Joshua Bassett has been spilling *all* the tea lately. In a June 24 interview with GQ magazine, the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series actor and singer talked about everything from his sexuality (“Don’t let anyone tell you love isn’t love,” he said.) to the rumored love triangle between him, his HSMTMTS costar and “drivers license” singer Olivia Rodrigo, and Carpenter. “Why don’t we focus on these women for who they are, instead of their relationship to a boy?” he asked.

He dived into his music ambitions, too, confessing his biggest artistic inspirations: Harry Styles and fellow musician and Girl Meets World actor Sabrina Carpenter, who he initially connected over Instagram DMs. (Yep, I’m screaming too.)

“I was like, that’s terrifying,” he said about the prospect of reaching out to the 22-year-old “Skin” singer. “I’m not going to DM her. I’ve never DM’d anybody. I don’t DM people.” And yet!

Bassett said the whole reason he contacted Carpenter was his label advised he record a song with her. There’s no telling what song he was referring to, exactly, but it can be assumed he was talking about “We Both Know” — the unreleased track he recorded with Carpenter that was supposed to appear on his self-titled debut EP (released in March). After the love triangle drama, though, Bassett and Carpenter agreed it was best to leave the song off the record.

“I didn’t want my EP to be overshadowed by some other narrative that people were trying to make,” he told Billboard in February.

OK, that’s fair. But now that fans know a DM led to the creation of an entire song, they’re def going to want to hear it at some point in the, hopefully, near future. Just sayin’, Josh!


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June 20th, 2021
 ♡Getting Real Looking Back! Everything Sabrina Carpenter Has Said About Her Disney Channel Days

When it comes to her Disney Channel days, Sabrina Carpenter has nothing but positive memories! The actress starred as Maya Hart on Girl Meets World from 2014 to 2017, before launching a successful film and music career.

“I was really lucky that I was on a show when I was on a show,” the actress told W Magazine

in November 2018. “I always say that because, for anybody, those years are primarily made for learning and taking in your surroundings and making mistakes, because you are allowed to make mistakes without being so harshly criticized.”

Sabrina nabbed her role as Rowan Blanchard‘s best friend in the Boy Meets World spinoff series when she was only 13 years old. Prior to being cast, she used to watch the original series at “8:00 a.m., before school.”

“It was my go-to in the morning,” the “Paris” songstress said on the “Chicks In The Office” podcast in June 2020. “It was a show that I always remembered just loving.”

Read more at the source.

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June 4th, 2021
 ♡All The Details ‘Alice’ Is Coming! What We Know About Sabrina Carpenter’s Live-Action ‘Alice In Wonderland’

Get ready for a trip down the rabbit hole with Sabrina Carpenter! The actress is bringing Alice in Wonderland to life.

It was first announced that the former Disney Channel star would be starring as Alice in October 2020. At the time, the Hollywood Reporter

revealed that Sabrina was set to star in Netflix’s upcoming movie-musical, aptly titled, Alice. “The movie will be a contemporary take on the classic Lewis Carroll story,” the publication reported at the time. “While details are being kept under wraps, the modern-day musical will be set against the backdrop of a music festival called ‘Wonderland.’”

While the Work It star has yet to share many details about the film, she did share the news via social media following Alice‘s initial announcement. “Too excited for this,” Sabrina shared on Instagram. “We’re going to Wonderland!

Along with her starring role, Sabrina will also be producing the project with her own production company, At Last Productions. It’s no surprise that the Girl Meets World alum signed on for this movie considering she’s a huge Alice in Wonderland fan. In fact, while chatting with Interview magazine in May 2021, Sabrina revealed that it was her favorite movie.

Read more at the source.

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April 17th, 2021
 ♡Sabrina Carpenter, RJ Cyler Star In ‘Emergency’ Comedy From Amazon Studios & Temple Hill

EXCLUSIVE: Sabrina Carpenter, RJ Cyler, Donald Elise Watkins, and Sebastian Chacon have been tapped to star in Emergency, a comedy thriller that hails from Amazon Studios and Temple Hill. Filming is currently underway with Carey Williams directing the film from the screenplay by KD Dávila, which landed on the 2020 Blacklist.

The pic is based on a short film of the same title. The short picked up the Special Jury Prize at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival and the Grand Jury Award at 2018’s SXSW Film Festival.

Cyler will play Sean, a college senior ready to embark on a night of partying with his best friend Kunle (Watkins) and roommate Carlos (Chacon). As they return to their apartment to pre-game, they discover a semi-conscious white girl they don’t know on the floor. Kunle wants to call the cops but Sean vehemently opposes the idea concerned how it will look when the cops show up.

Together, Carlos, Sean and Kunle load the girl into Sean’s van, with the intention of taking her somewhere safe rather than calling the police. Meanwhile, Maddy (Carpenter) has realized that her sister Emma left the party they were at and begins to search for her in a drunk panic using Emma’s phone’s location. What ensues is a chaotic, hilarious, and tension-filled chase all over town as our trio grapples with their differences while attempting to bring Emma to safety.

Maddie Nichols (A Murder to Remember), Madison Thompson (Ozark), Diego Abraham, and Melanie Jeffcoat round out the cast.

Williams and Dávila will serve as executive producers.

“When we made the short film, we didn’t anticipate quite how much it would resonate with people,” said Dávila. “It walked a fine tonal tightrope between comedy and thriller, and touched on the culture of fear in BIPOC communities regarding the police. I’m so glad we have the opportunity to tell a bigger version of the story, and extremely fortunate to have found a team that embraced our vision.”

Said Williams, “It’s an honor to collaborate with Temple Hill, Amazon Studios and the entire creative team of Emergency on such a deeply moving story. I’m thrilled to bring a cinematic exploration of the struggle of young people of color that broadens the type of narrative in this space that audiences have grown accustomed to seeing.”


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April 13th, 2021
 ♡Sabrina Carpenter, Ava Michelle & More Begin Production On ‘Tall Girl 2’!

Tall Girl 2 is officially starting!

Star Ava Michelle shared a cute video marking the start of production, and revealing who’s all returning for the Netflix sequel.

Sabrina Carpenter, Griffin Gluck, Luke Eisner, Anjelika Washington, Rico Paris, Clara Wilsey, Steve Zahn and Angela Kinsey will all be back.

New to the cast include Johanna Liauw and Jan Luis Castellanos.

Plot details have not yet been revealed. Check out the synopsis for the first film, released in 2019: Jodi (Michelle) has always been the tallest girl in school — and she’s always been uncomfortable with it. After slouching her way through life for 16 years and being made fun of by classmates, Jodi meets Stig (Eisner), a seemingly perfect Swedish foreign exchange student who’s even taller than she is.

Jodi’s new crush turns her world upside down and throws her into a surprising love triangle, but with the help of her two best friends (Gluck, Washington) as well as her beauty queen sister Harper (Carpenter), Jodi comes to realize that she’s far more than her insecurities about her appearance have led her to believe.


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April 1st, 2021
 ♡Chika, Rebecca Black, Sabrina Carpenter To Perform at GLAAD Media Awards

GLAAD announced on Thursday that Chika and Rebecca Black have been added to the performance lineup for the 2021 GLAAD Media Awards, streaming live on Thursday, April 8th at 8:00 p.m. ET on YouTube.

Additionally, Jessica Betts, wife of this year’s ceremony host Niecy Nash, will be performing at GLAAD Media Awards. GLAAD also announced on Thursday that following the livestream on YouTube, when the broadcast of the event will become available to watch on Hulu, Sabrina Carpenter will appear for an exclusive performance only available on the streaming platform. The GLAAD Media Awards will launch on Hulu at 10:00 p.m. ET, and will be available to stream on-demand until the end of June.

More special guests have been announced for the virtual event, including Karamo from Queer Eye, White House senior advisor on LGBTQ issues Reggie Greer, and RuPaul’s Drag Race competitor Gottmik. GLAAD will also be auctioning off Phoebe Bridgerssmashed guitar from her Saturday Night Live performance of “I Know the End” on February 6th. Bridgers is nominated for Outstanding Breakthrough Musical Artist at the award show, and the guitar, which is part of GLAAD’s larger event auction, will be used to fund GLAAD’s year-round advocacy work. Auction items are available through April 11th on the GLAAD Media Awards website.


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March 11th, 2021
 ♡Sabrina Carpenter: I Don’t ‘Give A Cow’ If My Music Career Fails – As I’m A Legend By Relation

Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina Carpenter doesn’t “give a cow” if her music career fails – as she’s a “legend” anyway.

The ‘On My Way’ hitmaker’s aunt is Nancy Cartwright – who voices the character of Bart Simpson on ‘The Simpsons’ – and Sabrina has quipped that she is a legend anyway “by relation” so even if her music didn’t quite work out how she planned, she’d always have the famous link.

Speaking to Capital FM about her famous relative, she said: “By relation, I am also a legend. My whole life, that was the coolest thing in the world to me. I wasn’t even allowed to watch the show until I was a little bit older. It was always really cool growing up when she would pull out the Bart voice when we were at a restaurant and we couldn’t get a table or something.”

Meanwhile, Sabrina previously revealed it can take her just three hours to write songs sometimes.

Speaking about the process, she said: “We sit in a room, bang on instruments, and then we just talk. At some point, a song is made in 12 hours – sometimes in less, like three hours.”

As well as a single, Sabrina is also an actress and has starred in a series of Netflix shows as well as on Broadway, where she appeared in the stage adaptation of ‘Mean Girls’ but as well as all her other projects, she has vowed to continue with music and promises more is on its way.

She said: “Having Short History out right now is surreal because it’s a project that’s been a little baby of mine for so long. My fans haven’t seen this side of me, which is really, really exciting. I have Work It on Netflix coming out this summer. And then Clouds which is going to be out on Disney Plus this fall. Both projects I’m in love with and excited for everyone to see. And then I guess, more and more music coming your way. But also I’m just going to be sitting in bed and sleeping as much as I can until this is over.”


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