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‘Espresso’ — Out Now!

Sabrina’s new song, “Espresso” is out now! Along with the song comes an accompanying music video and merchandise. High quality screen captures, promotional images and behind the scenes photos have been added to the gallery. The music video can be watched below.

Vogue made an article on the video and got some words from Sabrina. The full piece can be read by clicking “continue reading”

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Promotional Photoshoot

On Set / Behind the Scenes


Sabrina Carpenter is one of the most-anticipated acts set to perform at Coachella this weekend. But even amid her busy schedule preparing for the annual music festival, the pop star still found the time to release a brand new single and music video today. Titled “Espresso”, Carpenter’s catchy, groovy new track is sure to be a song of the summer. Sonically, it sounds like a perfect day spent by the beach. “I can’t relate to desperation”, she sings, “my give-a-fucks are on vacation”.

For Carpenter, the new song’s inspiration and meaning is all about self-confidence. “The song is kind of about seeing femininity as your super power, and embracing the confidence of being that bitch”, she tells Vogue. Given the song has a relaxed, care-free feel, it only made sense that Carpenter channeled a beachy summer vibe for the accompanying music video as well. “Since the day I heard the song, I saw a beach atmosphere—and more specifically this kind of old school [and] modern environment”, she says. “[I wanted to capture] the playfulness that I like to use throughout all of my videos. I also just wanted a pool car, to be frank”.

The fashions—styled by Ronnie Hart, who often dresses the star for her videos—all pay homage to the signatures of summer style. Carpenter parades around the beach (and on a boat!) wearing an array of retro, pinup-style bathing suits and dresses. And she makes retro beach wear look good. “I wanted to pull from old and new, I wanted it to feel fresh but timeless”, Carpenter says. “Lots of colors and cool contrasts. The coloring of the video was super important to me; I love Wes Anderson. The outfits are as hot and fun as you can be if you’re a girl on a beach!”

Of course, glitzy and sweet designs are nothing new for Carpenter, who wore many sequined designs while recently joining Taylor Swift on the The Eras tour. But for the video, Carpenter was drawn to experimenting with a more throwback sensibility, channeling swim silhouettes from the 1950s and 1960s. Among the highlights? There’s the custom Carol Ai Studio bathing suit in sky blue, punctuated with a gold sequin starfish at the hip. There’s also a sheer black Norma Kamali dress that’s reminiscent of a 1950s sweetheart-neckline bathing suit, which Carpenter wears to dance on top of a surfboard. Or, how about the brown, architectural Viktor & Rolf couture two-piece suit she wears to sunbathe? “I loved this brown Viktor & Rolf couture look”, she says. “I’m not really a bathing suit girl in real life, so I wanted to find the right one and this was that”.

Carpenter brought a bit of beachside glam to the mix, too: In another scene in the video, she sports a beaded Retrofête set that serves as a glamorous take on macrame. With a track called “Espresso”, it’s no wonder her statement fashions pack a caffeine kick. Zing! We’re awake and inspired for the summer. As for what fans can expect from her Coachella set this weekend? “New song, main stage, at sunset”, she teases. “I am a very lucky girl!”

Source: Vogue