Sabrina and rapper/singer, Kenvin Abstract pose together for Highsnobiety and take part in an interview. Photos from the the photoshoot have been added to the gallery. The full interview can be read by clicking “continue reading”.

Sabrina Carpenter & Kevin Abstract Really Love Each Other — Romance is out! Friendship is in! This Valentine’s Day, Highsnobiety is celebrating the beauty of love outside the traditional confines of romantic relationships. After all, friendship and creative collaboration take just as much work, time, and effort. Meet 5 couples who aren’t couples here and read about the state of love today.

Did you know that actor-singer Sabrina Carpenter and singer-songwriter Kevin Abstract are best friends? Their friendship was sealed one wild night out in Paris: “We were running around in Paris and the laughter did not stop. Beautiful energy”, reminisces Abstract.

Today, the two have much to celebrate: Carpenter ended last year with the EP fruitcake and is now on tour with Taylor Swift. Abstract is just off a tour promoting his latest album, Blanket. And, of course, there’s their friendship, which translates to creative collaboration, too. It just feels “really pure”, says Carpenter. “I hope that lasts forever”. The sentiment is mutual. “It’s the only way I truly know how to collaborate”, says Abstract. “There’s gotta be love there”.

Here, the two gush over their personal style, being real with each other, and a shared taste in men.

Highsnobiety: How did you two meet?
Sabrina Carpenter: Technically, minus little handshakes, we met playing Paranoia in our friend’s hotel room.

How would you describe each other’s personal styles?
Carpenter: Kevin is very eclectic and effortlessly cool. I never know if he will be in the colors of the rainbow or full black attire. It’s like picking out of a hat.

How are you similar?
Carpenter: We like boys.
Kevin Abstract: Similar taste in men, I’d say. And our sense of humor is pretty much dialed in.

How are you different?
Carpenter: I am a girl.
Abstract: I think sometimes I can maybe be a little bit more reserved.

What do you appreciate about each other?
Carpenter: We have the kind of friendship that can pick up in any spot, like we never left.
Abstract: I appreciate how she is able to hang and vibe with all different sorts of people. She’s always bringing different energies together to create a really cool environment. It’s lit.

What’s a crazy night out you shared together?
Carpenter: There’s a lot, honestly. But we became really close after a crazy weekend in Paris.
Abstract: We were running around in Paris and the laughter did not stop. Beautiful energy.

Do you talk about heartbreak?
Carpenter: Yes.
Abstract: Yeah, we definitely do.

Do you talk about falling in love?
Carpenter: Of course.
Abstract: One hundred percent.

What does platonic friendship feel like?
Carpenter: Safe and weightless
Abstract: Like a gift from God.

How do you navigate conflict or differences of opinion?
Carpenter: We just tell each other straight up.
Abstract: I stay pretty open-minded.

Do you ever share clothes?
Abstract: My friend Pilot still has Sabrina’s hat.

What is one piece of clothing you both have in your closet?
Carpenter: Baggy-ass oversized jeans.

What does friendship mean to you? What distinguishes friendship from other relationships in your life?
Carpenter: Genuineness!!!
Abstract: Friendship is love. Losing a friend sometimes hits harder than losing a romantic partner. Friendship makes up a big part of my life.

Source: Highsnobiety