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Emails I Can’t Send Tour: North America 2023 (April)

Sabrina made many stops throughout North America on the second leg of her Emails I Can’t Send Tour in April 2023. Photos from the shows have been added to the gallery.

April 1 – Salt Lake City, Utah

April 2 – Garden City, Idaho

April 5 – Calgary, Alberta (Canada)

April 6 – Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)

April 8 – Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada)

April 11 – Seattle, Washington

April 14 – San Francisco, California (Night 1)

April 15 – San Francisco (Night 2)

April 16 – Sacramento, California

April 19 – San Diego, California

April 20 – Los Angeles, California

April 22 – Las Vegas, Nevada

April 23 – Mesa, Arizona

April 26 – Kansas City, Missouri

April 27 – Minneapolis, Minnesota

April 28 – Madison, Wisconsin

April 30 – Chesterfield, Missouri