Everything Sabrina Carpenter Has Said About Her Disney Channel Days

J-14 took a trip down memory lane and looked back at Sabrina’s career and what she had to say about her days on Disney Channel. The full article can be read below by clicking “continue reading”.

When it comes to her Disney Channel days, Sabrina Carpenter has nothing but positive memories! The actress starred as Maya Hart on Girl Meets World from 2014 to 2017, before launching a successful film and music career.

“I was really lucky that I was on a show when I was on a show”, the actress told W Magazine in November 2018. “I always say that because, for anybody, those years are primarily made for learning and taking in your surroundings and making mistakes, because you are allowed to make mistakes without being so harshly criticized”.

Sabrina nabbed her role as Rowan Blanchard‘s best friend in the Boy Meets World spinoff series when she was only 13 years old. Prior to being cast, she used to watch the original series at “8:00 a.m., before school”.

“It was my go-to in the morning”, the “Paris” songstress said on the “Chicks In The Office” podcast in June 2020. “It was a show that I always remembered just loving”.

So, when Sabrina got the chance to spend her early teen years working alongside the Boy Meets World alums, her life came full circle. “I’ve gotten very lucky”, she added. “You always pinch yourself in those moments”.

After three seasons, Girl Meets World came to its emotional end. While Sabrina doesn’t like to “live in the past too much”, she’s grateful to have grown up with a tight-knit cast by her side.

“There is such a sweet memory of going through puberty with these people”, she shared when discussing the show’s final season during a 2017 appearance on The Zach Sang Show. “They’ve seen your best and worst days and you’ve learned so much from these people. I was there five days a week, from morning until night and you really get to know those people as family”.

Following her stint on Disney Channel, Sabrina went on to release multiple records — like Singular Act I and Singular Act II — star in a few Netflix films — like Tall Girl and Work It — and start her own production company. But not matter what the future holds for Sabrina, she’ll never forget what kicked off her career.

“Playing [Maya] will always be one of my favorite accomplishments in life”, Sabrina told 1883 Magazine in a 2017 interview. “She had so much depth and so many layers that I was constantly learning new things about her, it was never boring”.

Below are some meaning questions from Sabrina about her Disney Channel days.

Moving on
“It was such a beautiful experience, I wouldn’t have changed it”, Sabrina said of GMW during an interview with Marie Claire in June 2019. “But I was just about to turn 18, and I was really excited about moving on to the next thing”.

Growing Up on Set
“That was my childhood in every way, shape and form”, the singer also told the “Chicks in the Office” podcast hosts. “I grew up on that set, I grew up around those people and luckily they were very kindhearted, intelligent people that definitely gave me the ability to experiment. And I definitely credit a lot of what I do now and where I am because of that show and that character I got to play. So, yeah, a very, very special project”.

Learning Lessons
“I learned so much from doing that show. Those were my stepping stone years, literally, like, my middle school and high school years of life, so I learned so much from the people that I was working with who had a lot more experience than I did”, she told Clevver News in August 2020. “I learned a lot about getting in my body, as far as acting and feeling comfortable with myself in front of a camera, which I still don’t all the time but I definitely think it helped. I created relationships that will last a lifetime”.

Looking Back on the Show
“It’s funny because, in the moment, that was my world and that was my everything, and I was so proud to be a part of it and everything that it stood for”, Sabrina shared while chatting with Teen Vogue in August 2020. “I definitely would have done some things different had I been doing it now. But I think the beauty of the show was that we really were at the age that we were playing and we were coming into ourselves as we were playing characters that were coming into themselves”.

Feeling Closeness to Early Disney Stars
While talking with Bustle in March 2022, Sabrina revealed if there were any OG Disney stars she looked up to.

“I was just talking about this today, but I was a fan of just about all of them. They all had such an impact on me wanting to do what I ended up doing, which is so crazy that I got to do it”, she shared. “But yeah, any performer that has come from this place and has had the opportunity to grow and become the artist they are now knows how hard it is, and how tricky it can be. A lot of people have preconceived notions of [child stars], but so many of them are still successful today”.

Source: J-14