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All the Details on Sabrina’s Newest Film ‘Alice’

J-14 helped share all of the information [they] know about Sabrina’s newest project “Alice”  — based off of the classic, “Alice in Wonderland”. The full article can be read below.

‘Alice’ Is Coming! What We Know About Sabrina Carpenter’s Live-Action ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

Get ready for a trip down the rabbit hole with Sabrina Carpenter! The actress is bringing Alice in Wonderland to life.

It was first announced that the former Disney Channel star would be starring as Alice in October 2020. At the time, the Hollywood Reporter revealed that Sabrina was set to star in Netflix’s upcoming movie-musical, aptly titled, Alice. “The movie will be a contemporary take on the classic Lewis Carroll story” the publication reported at the time. “While details are being kept under wraps, the modern-day musical will be set against the backdrop of a music festival called ‘Wonderland”’.

While the Work It star has yet to share many details about the film, she did share the news via social media following Alice‘s initial announcement. “Too excited for this”, Sabrina shared on Instagram. “We’re going to Wonderland!”

Along with her starring role, Sabrina will also be producing the project with her own production company, At Last Productions. It’s no surprise that the Girl Meets World alum signed on for this movie considering she’s a huge Alice in Wonderland fan. In fact, while chatting with Interview magazine in May 2021, Sabrina revealed that it was her favorite movie.

“I’m a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland, and over the years, my fans will bring me Alice in Wonderland-themed things”, the actress shared. “Someone actually sent me an original illustration from one of the original sketches from Alice in Wonderland, which is crazy”.

According to an interview with Forbes from May 2021, Sabrina was actually the one who pitched and sold the film adaptation to Netflix amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. “The passion for producing has always been there”, she explained. “I realized— film, TV, stories — a lot of people are looking to those things to bring them light and any sense of hope or joy”.

After being sent role after role that she felt were “very contrived and a little boxed in”, Sabrina decided to take matters into her own hands.

“I would love to just be able to create what I’m feeling and what I know so many people are feeling, and hopefully someone in this world can watch that and feel inspired, and feel a little less alone in their own circle”, she said, and that’s exactly what she did. We can’t to see her vision come to life!

Source: J-14