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Welcome to Sabrina Carpenter Online - the most up to date source for everything Sabrina Carpenter! You may know her as Maya Hart from "Girl Meets World" or her most recent album, Emails I Can't Send featuring her hit song, "Nonsense". Here you will find the latest news, photos and media, Make sure to check back often for more updates.

The De-Tour: August

Sabrina finished up her 2nd headlining tour (4th overall), The De-Tour a few days  ago. Photos from the concerts, photo diary, and official photography have been added to the gallery.

Official Photography

August 2 – Jacksonville, Florida

August 4 – Miami Beach, Florida

August 5 – Orlando, Florida

August 6 – Atlanta, Georgia

August 8 – Nashville, Tennessee

August 9 – Indianapolis, Indiana

August 11 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

August 12 – Detroit, Michigan

August 13 – Chicago, Illinois

August 15 – Hamburg, New York

August 16 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

August 17 – Cleveland, Ohio

August 20 – Boston, Massachusetts

August 22 – Montclair, New Jersey

August 23 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

August 25 – Charlotte, North Carolina

August 26 – Timonium, Maryland

Photo Diary