November 12th, 2021
 ♡Sabrina Carpenter On Statement Coats And Getting Dressed Up To Go Grocery Shopping

“I spend most of my time and life at the studio. If I’m not on set, I’ll be writing.” Sabrina Carpenter says with a smile. “The funny thing about being in the studio is that I will take these shoes off. I will take this jacket off, and it will probably just be me in a T-shirt and jeans, so I can be comfortable and write some songs.” The 22-year old singer-actor is taking Vogue through a week in her wardrobe at the Freehand Hotel in New York City, which runs the gamut from oversized, thrifted vintage T-shirts, and worn-in denim (comfortable enough for studio visits). There is also statement-making outerwear, mini dresses for parties, and leather pants for date night—“I guess if I’m going on a date with you in leather pants, I’m already in love with you,” Carpenter quips.

Carpenter’s wardrobe features a range of different styles and she approaches getting dressed with a similar eclectic methodology—injecting equal parts playfulness and ease into each outfit. For Carpenter, it’s all about balancing a wardrobe basic with an eye-catching element. “A huge part of my everyday style is taking a cool statement piece jacket and throwing it over [a slip dress].” She’s loved turtlenecks since she was 15, lives “and sleeps and breathes” in band tees, and appreciated the power of laying. In her wardrobe, you’ll also find a sleek skirt set—elegant enough for events—that, according to Carpenter, can moonlight as an errands outfit. “Honestly, I’d wear this to Whole Foods,” she laughs. “I feel like I’d make a friend in this in the produce aisle.”

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